Freddie the Jellyfish

Saving the oceans is a very big task.

Let’s start with clean beaches,
is that too much to ask?


Freddie the Jellyfish

On a family boat trip, Annie meets Freddie the Jellyfish who needs urgent help for
Walter the Whiting, tangled up in a used nappy. Hearing Freddie’s sorry tales
of plastic pollution in the ocean, Annie is determined to help. With her family,
friends and teacher, she embarks on a campaign to clean Happy Hill’s beach.


Did you know?

  • boat-first

    FACT #1: An estimated 8 Million tons
    of plastic enters our oceans every year

  • boat-second

    FACT #2: In the past 10 years, we’ve
    made more plastic than the last
    century. By 2050, the pollution of fish
    will be outnumbered by our dumped plastic.

  • boat-third

    FACT #3: 70% of our waste sinks
    into the ocean's ecosystem, 15%
    floats, and 15% lands on our